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Options Recovery Services was founded in 1996 by Davida Coady, M.D., a physician who has specialized in substance abuse treatment since 1990. Dr. Coady still serves as Medical Director for the Berkeley-based New Bridge Foundation. Dr. Coady serves as both Executive Director and Medical Director for Options.

Options originated as the case manager for the Berkeley Misdemeanor Treatment Court. Misdemeanor offenders with drug or alcohol involvement were referred into treatment programs, regardless of the pending charges. Options established a weekly, small group treatment meeting, hosted by Berkeley Mental Health. As the clients outgrew that facility, Options moved to a small room at the Berkeley Veterans Building (donated by the City of Berkeley).

In 1997, Options began providing case management and coordination services to the Berkeley Drug Court (which dealt with felony drug offenders), and some Drug Court clients began to participate in the treatment groups at the Berkeley site. This small weekly group meeting for offenders became the foundation of the Options’ treatment, programs. When the Options grew too large for the original facility, programs moved upstairs into the Veterans Building auditorium. Administrative services are literally on the stage!

In the ensuing years, Options expanded its collaboration with the courts, district attorneys, police, and probation department to promote an alternative sentencing approach addressing any substance abuse-related offense in any courtroom. Following the merger of the Berkeley Courts into the Oakland Court in 2002, Options Recovery Services has continued working with the Oakland Misdemeanor Treatment Court and Proposition 36 Court.

With very limited resources, Options’ has developed into a model program serving more than 1600 clients annually and has been a catalyst for changing the way the courts deal with drug offenders to achieve more effective and lasting results. Options staff members have built ongoing referral relationships with a dozen other substance treatment providers, regularly case managing and placing clients into residential treatment programs and detox facilities all over the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as working intensively with mental health or other case managers collaborating with our clients.

Two new exciting programs include treatment during incarceration at the Oakland jail (funded by the California Endowment Local Opportunities Fund) and a dual diagnosis team on-site at Options.

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