Options now provides state-of-the-art urinalysis testing to the public!

After a decade of success treating people with addictions, Options Recovery Services understands accurate drug testing is an essential component of effective treatment.

ORS Labs can test specimens for any of the following substances.

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Rates and Testing Options

Individual Testing
ORS Labs is dedicated to providing the highest quality service using state-of-the-art testing technology.  The following rates include onsite sample collection.

Screen Type



5 Panel Screen Any 4 Drugs of Abuse w/ 1 PH Validity Test $35.00
7 Panel Screen Any 6 Drugs of Abuse w/ 1 PH Validity Test $45.00
9 Panel Screen Any 8 Drugs of Abuse w/ 1 PH Validity Test $55.00
11 Panel Screen 9 Drugs of Abuse w/ 2 Validity Tests (PH & Creatinin $65.00
ORS provides testing results within 24 hrs of sample collection.  Interested parties may receive results via email, telephone, fax or in person at the lab.
For a free consultation regarding screenings on less than 4 drugs of abuse, offsite collections, or courier service please contact us via email or phone at 510-666-9552 x121.
Agency Contracts
ORS Labs negotiates testing contracts to meet your business needs. Whether you operate a small business or a large company we can tailor a testing regime that works for your organization. If your company does not have a drug testing policy and you are curious about the benefits of drug testing,   we can help. We will assist in designing a testing policy that is legal, and fits your business needs.  We offer high volume urine screenings with results in 24 hrs or less. 
Contracted Services
Testing Collections Reporting Other Services
  • Pre-Employment
  • Employee
  • Parole/Probation
  • Drug Treatment Programs
  • Emergency Testing
  • Random or Scheduled
  • On/Off Site
  • Observed or Unobserved
  • Secure Mail Delivery
  • ORS Courier
  • Trend Graphing
  • Period Details
  • Donor Details
  • Company Statistics
  • Positive to Negative Ratios
  • Secure Online Results
  • Policy Assistance
  • Collections Training
  • GC/MS Confirmation
  • MRO Review
All of ORS Labs services utilize state-of-the-art technology and industry standard protocols.  Whatever the method of collection, be it onsite at ORS Labs or another offsite location we ensure the security of all specimens through the use of tamper resistant seals and chain of custody forms.  From collection to final results all specimens are secure.

To arrange a meeting with a representative about testing services tailored to your company's needs please contact us via email or phone at 510-666-9552 x121.


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