Options Recovery Services  

Board of Directors


Dr. Davida Coady MD, MPH
Executive Director

Dr. Davida Coady is a physician with extensive experience in developing health programs for poor people in the United States and in the Third World. Over a period of three decades she has worked in a total of 35 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the areas of pediatrics, infectious disease control, nutrition and village health worker training. She has organized refugee health programs in Biafra, Bangladesh, Thailand, Uganda, Ethiopia and Honduras.

Dr. Coady has also worked for the Peace Corps, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the United Nations High Commission on Refugees and numerous voluntary agencies. In the 1980s and early 1990s she worked mostly in Central America with local grassroots organizations to develop health programs for refugees, displaced persons and people living in areas of conflict.

Dr. Coady has served on the Boards of more than 30 organizations and is currently President of the board of the San Carlos Foundation and past president of The Hesperian Foundation (publisher of "Where there is no Doctor"). She holds faculty positions at UCLA and UCSF.

In 1996 Dr.Coady changed medical specialties from Pediatrics to Substance Abuse Treatment and started work with clients in the Berkeley court to develop addiction treatment as an alternative to jail. She was the Berkeley Drug Coordinator from 1996-2002 and now serves in the Oakland courts as Executive Director of the Options Recovery Services. Options provides free comprehensive addiction treatment to court ordered clients (covered by Proposition 36 since 2001) and outpatient clients who are also homeless, indigent and dually diagnosed.

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