Options Recovery Services  

Board of Directors

Options has effectively built a community of recovery among rehabilitated hard-core ex-offenders. Our graduates bring the message to their peers throughout the downtown Oakland-Berkeley area, offering a method of dealing with the problem of homelessness, addiction and mental illness that this community never had before. Our accomplishments in the past year tell the story:
  • Options served approximately 1,600 clients through Early Intervention and Treatment Programs.

  • Almost 200 clients were placed in emergency shelter, transitional or permanent housing.

  • More than 80 clients graduated from the program. Along with completing each step of the program, in order to graduate, a client must also either be working, attending school, enrolled in a job training program or regularly seeing a therapist and attending Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

  • Through a collaboration with the Jobs Consortium, all qualifying graduates are offered a 2-day session in employment development activities thus better preparing them to find jobs.

  • Historically, 90% of our graduates remain clear of both crime and courts.

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